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GeoWeb Manifesto

In the inaugural posting on the official Google LatLong Blog, John Hanke mused as to nature of the GeoWeb. I thought we might throw up some answers – not to claim to be definitive but to spark discussion. To me the GeoWeb is of course just a part of the greater WWW, but one that:

1. Provides access to information about the real world more or less as it happens (see) – traffic data, environmental data, species data, infrastructure etc.
2. Provides security (access control) for data and organizations that require it.
3. Seamlessly integrates sensor data, conventional discrete features (roads, railways etc.) and coverages (images, terrain surfaces, bathymetry etc.)
4. Allows the plug and play addition of new data sources subscribing to open standards that support online querying and update (subject to security). Get the data from the source!
5. Allows the plug and play addition of new data processing services that can interact with data provision services..
6. Supports the discovery of data, services and other supporting artifacts (e.g. coordinate systems, units of measure definitions, schemas, presentation (e.g. mapping) styles, subscription policies etc.
7. Separates presentaton (viewing, mapping) from content (geographic objects, entities, vocabularies) so that users can view data in a manner appropriate to their task/role and objectives. This means to support BOTH human interaction/viewing and machine processing of information.

That's a start – let's try to make it clearer if not necessarily longer!

Come to GeoWeb 2007 !


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