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INdicio as a Google Earth Enterprise Replacement

Google has decided to phase out its highly successful Google Earth Enterprise (GEE). As a result many organizations are looking for a similar platform to replace the GEE they already have or were thinking of acquiring.

INdicio™, from Galdos Systems [1], is a sophisticated information management platform that works with Google Maps, Cesium, and other mapping solutions. This offers an alternative information management solution to that provided by GEE, at a highly attractive price point, and with some impressive additional features.

Part GIS, part database, part document and digital asset management system, Galdos INdicio provides all of the favourite features from GEE:

In addition, INdicio offers many powerful new data management features:

INdicio can easily be made to work with pure mapping solutions like Cesium and MapBox.

Using Galdos INdicio with FME from Safe Software allows content to be easily migrated from a proprietary GE Globe to an open, standards-based alternative.

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